Data Privacy

I have a question for you. When you are writing or watching something and your sibling tries to check what you are doing, but you don’t want to show them. In your absence or without your knowledge they check it. How do you feel? You feel angry. Right??

Have you ever thought that the smartphone you are using with lots of password (Pattern, Pin, Face authentication, Finger print) have kept your data safe? If you think your chats with your friends and families are not seen by others. Then you are completely wrong. There is someone who is watching you every minute. Your every movement is seen by someone. Someone knows everything about you and all yours secrets.

But how funny it is that you don’t know about it or don’t know about him/her. Someone who knows about your favorite things and the things you hate. Where you go, with whom you are, your phone password, mail passwords, your ATM pins.

You must have about how Facebook has leaked the data. Your data may also have been leaked. What if someone misuse it? But it was a very small thing.

Just do something. Put your phone near you and just talk with someone about any product. After opening your phone, you will see the ad of that product will flash on browser in 15-20 minutes. It is not a joke just try it. Yes google is also listenening all our conversation and know everything about us.

Every time we are under cameras, when you buy a new smartphone it have 2-4 cameras. In your family every one have personal phone. Just think how you are under surveillance by your phone.

Now you must be having this question that why someone is spying on you. Such a wastage of time. But you must be knowing every data have some worth. Even Government of every country see your data, it helps military in identifying any wrong activities.

Internet is good thing but it is also hell. It is dangerous when your data goes public. You don’t have any data privacy. Things are going more worse day by day. Someone knows when you leave for your job, in which bus or taxi you are, where you work, where you go with your friends and when you return home. You are getting tracked everywhere.

I am not saying to stop using internet or stop carrying smartphones. Use it with but caution. Why apps need all the permissions? For example, why a notepad app need your camera permission, phone, contacts, read messages? Why you allow yes for all permission? Just think about it, decline permission you think app doesn’t need.

I have written this post for you to think about your data, not for making you panic.

And last I want to say-

“You have zero Privacy anyway. Get over it.”

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I have written this post for #AtoZChallenge 2020. Hope you would have liked it.



What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a word that you must have been heard a lot about. But do you know what actually it is? In this blog I will tell you about the cryptocurrency.

In 2009, you surely have heard about bitcoin. It is also a type of crytocurrency. The main purpose to create cryptocurrency is to create a medium of exchange of money in business for the financial security. Mainly, it is digital currency which you can transfer anywhere in the world. No one know the source of origin of money and whom to serve.

Bitcoin was firstly created for the business purposes, but it get more attention in the world and people started investing in it. After that, around 5000 different types of cryptocurrency were created. People tremendously invested in it and start using it for transaction.

It helps to do business all over the world with secure transaction. But by increased use of Cryptocurrency, there have been some cons as well. There are also some negative people who could try to use it. It will lead to a dangerous situation. That’s the reason people have some issues while using it.

But everything comes with advantages as well as some limitations. Cryptocurrency will continue to grow in online or digital transaction all over world.

Anyone is free to use it. There is no age restriction. No any documentation is needed to transfer currency without interfering any third party.


Bitcoins is the first digital currency or Cryptocurrency . There are no limitations of how much Bitcoins you can purchase. That’s also a reason, that it is used globally.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is safe to use, fast in transfer and used globally. These are some reason that’s why Cryptocurrency is used. It will also help you to do business anywhere in world. It is also very secure and encoded. That is why it is hard to hack.

Is it legal?

You must be thinking if there are no limitations for Cryptocurrency, so is it legal?Yes it is legal in most part of world, also many country government also supports it. It is also legal in India, you can also buy and use it.

I have written this post for #AtoZChallenge 2020. Hope you would have liked it.


Blackberry Failure

Blackberry is currently working on cyber security, artificial intelligence and emergency communication system. But it has been known for mobile phones and tablets, mainly qwerty keyboard mobile. Blackberry has now failed due to lack of innovation, where other brands and android have spread all over the world. But there was a time when Blackberry used to be known as a Business Class phone.

Blackberry also failed because they were working only for business class phone, but the era of phones changed and it went to every hand. At that time, every company was trying to establish their phones in every category.

That was the time when many mobile based companies were and many of them were failed (i.e. HTC and Nokia). Blackberry also understood that making business class product is fine, but the consumers are changing.

When all other companies started their work with the android, Blackberry designed its own operating system. That was not bad, but people desire many new features in their phone. Blackberry tried many times to start competing in the market by launching android based phones. Many phones of Blackberry were launched with the android. They were genuinely worthy with their features. They also worked with Google to start afresh, but they failed many times.

I have written this post for #AtoZChallenge 2020. Hope you would have liked it.


Apple New iPad Pro

Apple has launched Apple iPad Pro 2020, on 24th of March. Its more than a iPad, yes it really works as laptop by attaching keyboard. And the keyboard with this iPad is the main thing to draw attention of anyone. In addition, it will come with trackpad.

The size of New iPad Pro is 12.9 inches. It is the ideal size for hands, if you use iPad for work. If you need a laptop for work at home, you can use it as a laptop. This iPad comes with new A 12 Z bionic chipset. Apple has claimed it is remarkably fast chipset for working people. It will work on ios 13, which is the latest ios version.


(Image Source/credit- Apple)

There is also new dual camera setup with 3-D room scanner camera. It is the first time Apple has applied dual camera setup with iPad. It is also having face ID, with liquid retina display. The screen refresh is up to 120Hz. It is utterly stunning for gamers.

When we talk about connectivity specifications, it works with 4G LTE and also supports wifi 6. For getting power, it supports type C. It is also a new step by apple.

I would recommend it for people who work from home and office both.

I have written this post for #AtoZChallenge 2020. Hope you would have liked it.




Theme Reveal for #AtoZChallenge 2020

Every day we think about many things to do, but fail in doing so. I have also failed many times in many things. Last year I started writing blog, but again I failed to continue blogging on regular basis.

Recently, my sister told me about #AtoZchallenge. It gave me an idea to continue working on my blog. Definitely, we lose our way when we are not getting any deadline or pressure.


So this time, I decided to take part in this challenge. I searched more about me and got to know that it is such an amazing challenge organized every year in April. If you are not consistent in writing blogs or you are new in this arena, then you can also join this challenge.



My theme for A to Z challenge is “Science and Technology.” I have started to write about this last year as well but couldn’t continue. So, now I decide to continue with that topic for this challenge. In all my blog posts, you will know about many new and upcoming cool technology products and some very rare technology. You will also find some good recommendations regarding electronic gadgets.

So, stay tuned.

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Ptron Tango Earbuds

Is it worth??

Ptron tango earbuds is 5.0 true earbuds. First of all the product in this price range (1500₹-1800₹) is such shocking for me itself. But the price doesn’t affect the product quality. The golden point is the 1500mah battery life charging case with this earbuds that will charge your earbuds around 12-15 times and that is enough for around 2-3 days countious usage.
Sound quality is good & also the noice cancellation is working fine.
I am using these earbuds around more than a month and the battery backup is amazing. The earbuds individual has 50mah battery thats give 4hour 30 min backup with one full charge.
The build quality of case is great as I expected. But the earbuds quality should have been better.
But after all at this price Ptron Tango gives more than we expect.

Battery – 4.5 star
Looks – 4 star
Sound & base – 4.5 star
Connectivity – 4 star

Click here for video review

In-Display Fingerprint

The in-display fingerprint is trending now from last 10-12 months. Everyone is excited and have many questions about this. How its work? Iss it good & fast as normal fingerprint?
Vivo launched its first phone X2 and Huawei’s Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS with in-display fingerprint. No one has expected that Vivo: a big chained company will introduce this technology in the market for the first time.
Goodix  first launched  in-display fingerprint reader for mobiles phone. Goodix worked for vivo X21 &  Huawei’s Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS. The company said that it is quick and smart than normal fingerprint. They used many softwares for quick finger scanning.
The fingerprint works as a screen normally and appear on screen when someone try to unlock it. Yes this is all imaginary in starting. It’s the best thing to reduce the things on the screen or in the back because this is the time of full display.
The in-display fingerprint is not as quick as the normal fingerint but, it’s quite the adorable thing. The screen is OLED display technology which perform two tasks. It is very easy like normal fingerprint. Just put your finger on the screen & your phone is unlocked.
How does it work?
The optical fingerprint sensor is bolted to the rear of the OLED display panel of the phone. The sensor itself is built by Synaptics, and it uses the light emitted by the OLED panel to read finger and scan it. It works with many softwares.
Vivo X2
The first phone with in-display fingerprint came in march 2018. The phone came with qualcomm snapdragon 660 AIE octacore 2.2GHz + 1.8GHz (4 core) processor. The RAM is 6GB & internal storage is 128GB with 256GB expandable by Micro SD card. In this phone, there is a dual camera setup of 12MP +5MP. The rear camera is 12MP front focus with flash. The operating system is Funtouch OS 4.0 ( Based on Android 8.1). Screen comes with AMOLED super touch 15.95cm with a small notch on the top, with full HD Display 2280*1080 Pixels Resolution.

Xiaomi A2 (Mi 6X) in India

Xiaomi A2 (Mi 6X) in India

Xiaomi A2

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) is new upcoming mid budget Smartphone by Xiaomi. Its price is expected around Rs.14,999 for 64 GB. Its main highlight is dual camera setup & portrait mode.

This phone comes with Android v8.1(Oreo) operating system. The processer is Octa core 2.2GHz & cortex A53. The processor is old but more effective. Xiaomi must update the processer of the phone otherwise the price is too much for this phone.

Xiomi Mi A2 has 5.99 inch Full HD Display & comes with 19:8 display without a notch. Everyone expected that Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with a notch on the screen but it didn’t have any notch. The resolution is 1080 pixel by 2160 pixel. The screen comes with Gorilla glass protection with screech free design.

The main part in the phone is the camera setup. It comes with 20+12 MP Rear camera with Dual LED flash. The front camera is 20 MP front focus camera.

The battery comes with Li-ion 3,010mAH non-removable battery with fast charging with USB type-C port. The wait is over for Xiaomi users for type-C port in mid-buget phone.

The phone has Fingerprint scanner in its back portion. The back is made up of metal. The color variety comes with Gold, Black, Rose Gold, Blue & Red.


My Opinion

Its look is average and it is a good mid-budget phone by Xiaomi after Mi A1, but I am waiting for more new features in it. The main thing I am waiting is the face recognition in it. Hope Xiaomi add Face Recognition in it.




The best thing about the iPhone X is that it fits a plus-sized screen into a casing only a little bigger than a standard-sized iPhone. It is no more and no less revolutionary than that.

Talk about notch at the top of the iPhone X is something that’s been divisive, and that’s fair. Apple has taken this little chunk out of the top of the screen to house the new TrueDepth camera, and it encroaches on the display. A lot newer Android phones, including the OnePlus 6, copy this style.

The wireless charging is a very nice feature but quite slow for the apple. Another battery performance from the iPhone is average, it takes 2Hr 25min for the full charge from 0-100%. The battery capacity is 2,716 mAH lithium-ion battery.

The ios v11.1.1, Operating system with 1.3GHz Apple A11 Bionic hexacore processor comes in the phone X think its the best processor.

The biggest difference between these iPhones is the display. The iPhone 8 Plus sports the same Retina display as it has in prior generations, an LCD that in the Plus size is full HD at 1920×1080.

Swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen is just as fast and, without needing to apply pressure, in many ways easier. On the other hand, moving access to iPhone’s control centre (containing shortcuts to its camera, screen brightness, volume and wireless connections) from the bottom of the screen to the top right feels awkward. Because the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen is longer than the normal 4.7-inch size, the top is just a little too hard to reach one-handed.

The iPhone X’s most profound change I truly speaking it is the switch from Touch ID to Face ID. Touch ID was a brilliant invention because it made being more secure less effort. Face ID is even easier because all you have to do is look at the phone. It even works in dark and with or without the glasses. Reliably from any angle, Face ID works stunningly well. It is the new touchstone for how Apple’s hardware, software and silicon can combine to create features that other smartphone makers cannot.


Rating: 4.5/5

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